Now more than ever, it is vital for companies to think outside of the box in terms of hiring talent. When organizations think about the type of candidate that would be a great fit for their team, they should start focusing on candidates with transferrable skills, not only candidates who have specific experience in a given field. For this reason, it would be advantageous for any team to turn towards veterans.

According to, there are several reasons why veterans can be successful additions to any team: they are able to learn at an accelerated pace, are used to leadership and teamwork, have already had to work in the diversity and inclusion arena, are known to be able to perform under pressure, have respect for policies and procedures, have integrity, typically have a global outlook, are very conscious of health and safety standards, and are familiar with triumphing over adversity. Veterans are disciplined team players that can only enhance an organization’s productivity and strengthen the culture of a company.

Companies tend to think of entry-level talent as young students who are just graduating from school, not veterans with years of service under their belts. However, some of these veterans still technically classify as “entry-level” with no professional or office experience. The nice thing about veterans is that they have life experiences and transferrable skills that would greatly benefit any organization. To boot, veterans are part of a very large talent pool. Companies should take the time to recruit veterans and to learn more about how the military and civilian cultures really aren’t that different; veterans are willing and ready to work and companies need to be willing and ready to hire them!