Guide – How to be Effective at Career Fairs This Recruiting Season

How to be effective

One thing that has been on most employers’ minds as this recruiting season draws near is “How can I be
effective at a virtual career fair?” In this changing environment, it is crucial to stand out amongst other
employers in a virtual space. Below are some great ways to keep in mind to candidates and to be able to
effectively draw them in during career events:

  • Design an intriguing booth that draws attention. You want to stand out among the crowd!
  • Gamify your virtual career fair experience with a scavenger hunt, trivia, or other type of activity. Make it different and fun!
  • Perfect your employer brand. Make sure it is consistent throughout the booth and candidates can easily recognize you from the logo you provided the career event.
  • Have virtual giveaways: e-gift cards, etc. Don’t come empty-handed just because the event is virtual, candidates still want swag!
  • Engage with candidates you are interested in before career-fair event starts. If you see certain candidates registered that you are interested in, send them a quick email letting them know you’re excited to meet them at the event.
  • Be prepared with answers to FAQ for candidates. Think about all question’s candidates have asked at in-person career events and be prepared to answer how your company handled the pandemic or other social events.
  • Invite other members of your organization who might appeal to candidates (i.e., if your VP can jump on for a few minutes). This will show candidates that you are invested in them!
  • Follow up with candidates immediately. If you are able, send candidates a message as soon as they have left your booth to show your interest.

These are just some ways employers can stand out as the virtual recruiting season is approaching. The most important thing to keep in mind is that candidates still want to be able to engage with employers and not just feel like another number on a screen.