COVID-19 and Interns: Tips for Engaging and Maintaining Interns in the World of Social Distancing

covid 19 and emerge

With COVID-19 spreading through the country and social distancing becoming a key to public safety, it can be difficult for a company to engage and maintain interns. Here are some tips on how your internships can stay strong.

  1. BUDGET You could take money from your typical recruiting budget (from cancelled events and not-ordered promotional products) to pay for students projects.
  2. MICRO-INTERNSHIPS A great way to keep interns or future employees engaged right now is to have them participate in micro-internships: short-term, paid projects where people can still bring something to the table and employers can begin to evaluate their work.
  3. REMOTE WORK Now is a great time to get interns and future employees engaged and using online platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  4. RE-EVALUATE CANDIDATES Some students may have to step out of internships they already agreed to, so employers it might be a good idea to take another look at the student who was in second place for the internship.
  5. OTHER RESOURCES If you don’t have an intern, ask current employees to reach out to their alumni schools for remote workers or reach out to career services.
  6. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Now is the perfect time to come up with unique solutions to let your interns or future employees know that your company is adapting and ready for anything!