Staffing Plan

Stages of the staffing plan

The Staffing Plan workbook is a tool to be used to assist in creating a hiring plan for the next year along with updating the pay ranges per position. Additionally, it can be used to help with promoting current staff.

Below is the list of tabs and their description that you will find in the workbook:

Pay Range SummaryPay ranges per job from entry level to advance
Staff ListCurrent staff list with position and compensation
Proposed number of staff per position
Staffing TimelineTarget dates for the proposed positions to be filled
Succession PlanningPromotional plans for top performers

Staffing Plan Tips:

  • Complete this exercise annually but update it quarterly to track changes throughout the year.
  • Use O*Net to check pay ranges to ensure you stay competitive
  • Listing out your current staff will help you visualize where potential hiring needs are so you can focus your energy.
  • When figuring out your proposed list, ask yourself these questions:
    • What areas of the company need extra support?
    • What are potential roles that could supply that support?
    • Do we have job descriptions for those roles on file?
    • How many hires are needed per role?
    • What does the compensation package look like per role?
    • Where should we source candidates per role?
  • Research how long it takes to typically hire specific roles to create realistic target start dates.
  • If you can, space out your hiring needs so your HR team is not overwhelmed so they can focus sourcing the best candidates for each role and creating a great experience for each applicant.
  • Remember you may have your next hire for a supervisor or manager role working for you right now. Review your current team members to see if there is anyone who is on the path to move up from their role.
    • If there is, create a plan to assign them with more responsibilities and leadership opportunities so they can begin to develop the necessary skills for the next role up.

Developing a staffing plan aligns your company’s goals and objectives with the type and the number of staff you will need to achieve and sustain them. Hiring too many people for short-term work fluctuations or setting off-market price ranges may lead to personnel issues in the future, such as retention, the budget, and future hiring Staffing Plan needs. Being strategic about your hiring will help to ensure you are hiring for the correct roles, at the right time, and at the right price.

Download the staffing plan