Evelyn’s First Month…

evelyn wischmeyer

My name is Evelyn Wischmeyer. I am from Lake Orion MI, and a recent graduate from Albion College.
My Journey with Emerge started summer of 2019 when I was the summer associate. I always tell people
I had the best internship ever. I got to collaborate with the team, feel like an asset to the company, and
travel the country visiting client sites. After my internship ended, I was fortunate enough to receive a
full-time offer. I continued to work a little throughout the school year and started work full time June 1st, 2020.

My first month has been nothing shy of great. Due to my internship and constant communication with
my peers throughout the previous year, I sort of knew what to expect coming in. Per usual, all my peers
were super helpful and patient when training the new intern and me. We have been nonstop learning
about our new procedures and all our clients. In particular, I have been getting to know more about the
areas of work I will be helping with as a full-time member. As well as continuing to learn, I have noticed,
dur to the global pandemic, a positive is how willing everyone is to step in and help one another
succeed. I really appreciate the flexibility, and adaptability Emerge has acquired. We have all been
working remote but continue to come together at the end of each week and discuss everything that is
happening within the company. I truly value the communication at Emerge.

One thing I am looking forward to is continuing to learn and recruit in a busy season. Because I was in
school the previous year, I was not able to experience all the recruiting and relationship building with
colleges for our clients. I know this year will be different than most, however, I am excited to learn about
all the new technology that will help to make recruiting happen in the fall alongside my peers. In
addition, I am excited to travel and see the campuses around the state once we can again. Traveling was
something I thoroughly enjoyed during my internship because I not only got to see different parts of the
country, but I also gained insight on what it is our clients do and how we can help better their company.